Source: Android Central

The Nokia 9 PureView was the groundbreaking effort by Nokia to make a camera phone, unlike anything we have ever seen. Nonetheless, it still used a flagship processor for a phone launched in 2019 and introduced in 2018. According to the reports, Nokia tries to avoid it by further delaying the launch of the rumored Snapdragon 865 Nokia 9.2.

Earlier reports suggested that Nokia 9.2, the Nokia 9 PureView’s successor, is powered by a processor Snapdragon 855. Claims that would be a 5G variant that would have the Snapdragon 855 + slightly overclocked. This new tip seems to be a version of the phone that is powered by a Snapdragon 865 processor and supports 5G.

Also, don’t worry if you ask yourself where the Nokia 9.1 is, it doesn’t exist (yet). Nokia will increase the number to keep the number in line with the rest of the Nokia line-up.

Initially, the phone was said to start in the fourth (or earlier) quarter of 2019. The launch was then announced to be restored to the second quarter of 2020. Now, to include the 865 Snapdragon processor, the phone is expected to start later this year in the fall. There is no official confirmation that the phone will have a similar camera configuration to its predecessor. But in this respect, we should expect the phone to carry something else to the table.

Recently, Nokia unveiled a phone powered by the Snapdragon 765 processor at the Snapdragon Tech Summit. The phone is a midrange module with the obviously triple camera setup, installed as we saw on the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2.


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