Telecom’s major Bharti Airtel unveiled its 4G and 2G solutions in 26 Ladakh cities on Thursday to eventually become the largest operator providing high-speed, high-altitude broadband. They have been spread over 150 km from Kargil-Batalik-Hanuthang-Skurbuchan-Khalsi.

“That’s a brand new year from Airtel to Ladakh men. We are pleased to welcome the launch of our 4G & 2G suppliers and to deliver 26 new villages on the global 4 G map to tens of thousands of locals in Ladakh, “said Manu Sood, Hub CEO–Upper North of Bharti Airtel, in a statement.

“We remain devoted to the eyes of this Digital India authorities and continue to put money in Ladakh,” he said.

The 4 G providers can allow local people to enjoy online services such as video streaming of HD quality, superfast uploads and downloads, and fast Internet browsing.

The launch reflects the efforts of Airtel’s network groups to overcome the challenges of harsh weather and difficult local conditions, the telco said.

Airtel was the first operator to deploy 4G solutions in Ladakh’s Leh, Kargil and Dras in December 2017 as part of Airtel’s ongoing nationwide network conversion program, the Project Leap.

The rise is also the second anniversary of the launch of 4G suppliers in the Airtel area.


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