Insecurity – insecurity or anxieties about yourself, lack of trust, the ability to threaten or defend yourself. Do you ever think you have the potential to achieve what you want, but something still holds you back? In your relationship, do you feel jealous? Do you feel insecure in your personal and professional life, feel somehow threatened and insufficient?

Feeling incredibly blunt and insecure at some point in one’s life is quite natural and we feel insecure at some point in one’s life. Yet Chronic insecurity becomes the biggest hindrance in one’s life. Chronic anxiety Takes you away from your happy happiness. The behavior you take in chronic insecurity can jeopardize your relationships and work life. And realize that anything else will spoil the taste. In chronic uncertainty, the greatest mistake we make is that we believe a lot that we think unnecessary things are not true.

For example, we ask our partner too many questions about assumptions, and although our partner says the truth, we often believe it doesn’t tell the whole truth. Insecurity in relationships slowly and gradually damages the truth, which ultimately becomes the main cause for the sour relation.

The explanation for uncertainty in a relationship often occurs if at some point the other person must have hidden something or lied about something. Therefore, in order to deal with such insecurities, this insecurity occurs because of some causes, and therefore is not called chronic insecurity, couples here should settle this by communicating with each other, such as why they lied, will this relationship work or not, etc.

And in order to return the link working against the partner lying or secret stuff, it is important to recover the trust by always being truthful And this can be achieved through real actions and ongoing contact. Most insecurities can be addressed through conversation. We usually assume more than talking, but we should actually talk to each other in order to deal with anxiety.

To order to deal with and to conquer it, fear, and to overcome it, you will cross the biggest obstacle, namely lack of communication and hypothesis. Instead of going and talking to your partner, tell them how you feel and what makes you insecure and then notice their gesture, if you’re true to your partner they’re going, and if he/she isn’t, you’ll get to know, simply don’t think of talking or sorting.

Chronic insecurity makes relationships toxic since an insecure person is always looking for reassurance, is always suspicious, and an insecure person always blames and snoops. When uncertainty increases, the relationship decreases. So if you want to maintain your relationship then you’re honest with your partner instead of pretending that you start talking, instead of expecting your partner to be truthful.

Most people think that insecurity usually comes from something their spouse has done or said, but insecurity actually comes from within us. In a relationship, the majority of insecurity is based on irrational thoughts and fears— the insecure partner thinks that he/she is not good enough, that his / her partner will lose if he/she has no eyes, is nothing without his/her partner, can get better than me, or is not very pleasant, etc.

This is how you can deal with insecurities:

#1. Identity

Who makes you insecure? What are the reasons for your uncertainty? Does this have anything to do with your past experiences? Ask yourself questions if your insecurity, for example, has something to do with fact: your partner is truly good, cares for you always, loves you, still keeps you informed of your daily routine, and you are still insecure, so insecurity has nothing to do with truth, you must know the cause of your insecurity, you must be conscious of your insecurity.

Because a small bit of insecurity can be easily addressed, but if it becomes persistent, it’s all lost, so consider the degree of insecurity and why you feel insecure. Respond truly to these questions and be truthful.

#2. Be Independent

Two healthy people have a healthy relationship, becoming too dependent on each other can cause a very serious problem, so being independent, feeling freedom in your relationship, talking, and coming together, because a good relationship requires liberty and space. Because every person also has a personal life, therefore they have a sense of freedom.

#3. Talk, Don’t Assume

The main reason for any relationship failure, be it the relationship of father, son or mother, and daughter, boyfriend, and girlfriend, husband and wife-The The most part of the relationship does not work is that people expect others to understand the lack of contact without explaining it to them.

Human beings have a bad habit and the worst thing is they believe everything they feel is real. Then you will talk about the truth, assuming and forming your own answers will only worsen things and thus, in order to know the reality, you will be supposed to talk.

#4. Having Self-Esteem

Many insecurities are created because people don’t think of themselves well, because people don’t realize their self-worth. We think they’re not good enough, and your partner will attract someone else. This lower self-esteem makes you unattractive. Therefore, have faith. Believe in yourself and hang with positive people always. Always have a positive talk, always believe you’re like everyone else a unique creature of nature.

Feeling jealous, anxious, feeling unstable, feeling irritated, etc., these negative things happen sometimes in any person’s life, but for some time you’ll have to live with them because as I always say, “ANYTHING EXTRA RUINS THE TASTE” and these negative energy will destroy each ambition.

Just understand how important it is to speak and be optimistic–these two items will solve many problems.


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