LG Display showed at CES a flexible TV last year that promised literally everybody to look at the 65-inch OLED display that rolled up from a large brushed aluminum case. LG Display

This year, LG plans to further update its game with a new 65-inch screen version at CES 2020 designed to roll down from the roof, possibly identical to a projection screen, but without the actual projector.

According to the reports, we are not quite sure that it still features an aluminum foundation, but it would be heavy to install. The value of such a feature is also questionable, but it is definitely a spectacular bit of technology.

Thinking a bit about that, rolling TV can help to eliminate issues of aspect ratio such as black bars and can also effectively put the TV off when not in use. The base stand will, however, remain in place.

LG worked on a foldable TV and an 88-inch 8 K TV in addition to the rolling TV We still have no details on the hardware specs and functionality. LG has confirmed, at least, that 8K TV will be on CES 2020, so everyone is looking forward to this.

The audio side of the LG OLED TV set will also be enhanced with new OLEDs “in the monitor the sound system is built into to produce sound directly from it.”

LG will also launch a number of aircraft cabin items. It includes a 55 “Full HD Transparent OLED monitor that serves as an aisle and screen partition, 55” OLED video walls for aircraft cabins and a 65 “UHD Bendable OLED display that is adjustable to both ends and specifically designed for first-class applications.

It seems probable that the person who will buy the new Signature OLED TV will appreciate the video wall while traveling but I hope this technology will eventually trickle down to the masses.


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