What better way than the technology that changes the way we charge our Gadgets and IoT devices is to start the new decade.

This week at CES 2020, the start-up Guru has announced a world without wires and wireless transmission, an actual wireless energy exchange channeling high-frequency radio waves.

Guru will release three items according to the reports – a home charging station, which can charge devices wirelessly within a few feet, an amplified home station variant that carries a more extensive range, and a ‘roving Roomba-like robot’ that switches, and continues to move around.


In its products, Guru uses millimeter waves (mmWave). Although high-frequency radio waves are used in 5 G networks for data storage and latency reduction, they are also suitable for high precision.

In this case, the startup uses this precision to identify the system and submit localized electric radio waves.

The highlight of the charging device, however, is a new technology known as Smart RF Lensing that allows them to control and deliver directed radio frequency beams in the air. It enables the charging of even tiny devices and IoT sensors.

As the beams are focused and guided, the users are harmless.

Because technology is not integrated into the present smart device, a small receiver would be required at the back of each device to charge wirelessly.

Guru is, however already in talks with electronics manufacturers and works to make beneficiaries as small as possible. They also work to improve the charging speed since it is relatively slower than what the existing Qi wireless chargers deliver.

Although the devices may not be flawless, they seem to be the beginning of a new era of correct wireless charging.


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