Lenovo has expanded the ThinkSmart portfolio with a host of new smart office technology that has been unveiled at CES 2020 to improve business communications.

To improve the experience of the team, Lenovo has introduced the ThinkSmart View, a dedicated personal communication tool for audio and video calls from Microsoft Teams.

The plan is to arrive with a ThinkPad X1 ANC Bluetooth Headset for either $349 or $449 in January 2020.

Powered by a Qualcomm APQ8053 system-on-chip (SoC), the desktop will connect you in seconds rather than minutes to ongoing meetings.

The newly integrated software enables virtual noise isolation when ThinkSmart is paired with the ANC Bluetooth headset of ThinkPad X1.

There is a physical camera shutter and pin code for the safety-conscious to lock the intelligent office unit.

ThinkSmart View will be added to the existing ThinkSmart Hub 500 solutions through Microsoft Team Rooms or Zoom Rooms.

Thanks to both collaborations, Lenovo will integrate ThinkSmartView, which is purchased from Maverick AV Solutions, into small, medium, and large, intelligent office kits.

Deployed and managed through the software of the Lenovo Smart Office Professional Service Manager that sets up, updates, and troubleshoot IT departments in a breeze.

Joseph Mingori, general manager of Lenovo Smart Office, described the new smart office product range as “a meeting of integrated technology and working cultural changes that allow the transition into smarter workspaces.”

Lenovo partners Avocor for digital displays, Huddly AI cameras, and Logitech audio-visual accessories have enhanced office experience.

‘With the next generation of intelligent office technology, including ThinkSmart View, businesses will design and prepare a workplace for more agility, innovation, and dedication. Working with an eco-system of partners is essential to empower end-users and to enable closer collaboration worldwide.’


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