Source: NY Times

On Sunday, Ellen DeGeneres was awarded the Carol Burnett Award at the Golden Globe Awards and the comedian, who knows very well how TV can change people’s lives, used her time to pay homage to the power of the media.

“All I’ve ever tried to do is make you feel good and laugh and there’s no happier feeling than when someone tells me I’ve made your day better at the show, or I’ve helped you get through a sick or bad time in your life,” she said.

“But for me, the real power of TV is not that people watch my show, but that people watch my show and are motivated then in their own lives to go and do the same. They make people laugh, be kind, support someone who’s less fortunate than themselves.”

“I’m so, so thankful for being part of it,” she said.

DeGeneres has been hosting her famous “Ellen DeGeneres Show” daytime talk show for 17 years.

Her stand-up work led to her comedy series “Ellen” in the 1990s, during which she became the first leading actor in a sitcom to pose as gay, a turning point for LGBTQ+ visibility.

In 2018, the Carol Burnett Award was established.

According to a statement from the HFPA in 2018, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the group responsible for the annual awards ceremony, named this award to commemorate the TV icon, in order to give it every year to someone who “has made excellent contributions to TV on or off the screen.”

At the 2019 ceremony, Burnett, the five times winner of the Golden Globe, accepted the inaugural award.

The “Saturday Night Live” host Kate McKinnon introduced DeGeneres who praised the TV personality for giving her “a sense of self.”

“She avoided telling the truth throughout her life and throughout her career— and she suffered greatly for it,” she said. “Attitudes change, of course, but just because courageous people, such as Ellen, run into the fire to change them.”


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