Gmail is by far the world’s most popular email platform. We all use it, we all enjoy it, and most people agree that it could never be abandoned for another e-mail service. Google and its Gmail app have revolutionized the email completely — you might not recall, but you had to pay for your email service before Gmail.

Another thing Gmail did was simplify addresses, much as Google had done years earlier. Users had no more to worry about such things as files, archiving, or deleting emails to free valuable storage. The design has been streamlined so that all ambiguity is eliminated so users can focus on what matters.

As with all Google products, they start pretty easy but, over time, acquire enormous new functionality. Google Maps is an example we speak about quite often, but Gmail is the same. We use it so much that after a while, we’re on autopilot. That’s all right because it ensures that Gmail does its job and stays out of the way while it works.

But it also means we’re not exploring Gmail, and so we skip so many new features that Google adds every year. Of course, most of them may not be of interest to you, but a number of them can have a dramatic impact on your workflow and enhance your Gmail experience. In this article, we will cover five cool Gmail features that are secret and difficult to find, so that everyone doesn’t know them.

#1. Scheduling Emails

Sometimes you want to immediately answer an email so that you don’t have to think about it anymore, but you don’t want to appear exaggerating. Other times at a particular time or on a specific day, you’d like to send someone an email, but you want to compose it while it’s fresh. Google’s “Schedule Send” function allows you to do just that and hides insight.

When you write an email on your desktop or laptop using the Gmail app, don’t press the central part of the send button. Instead, click the arrow to the right of the button and click on “Schedule Send,” then you can pick one of the suggested times to send, or select “Send date & time” to set any other time you want.

In the Gmail app, you can do the same on your iPhone or Android device — tap on the top-right corner and choose “Schedule Send” from the drop-down menu.

#2. Smart Compose

Smart Compose is a great new feature introduced last year to Gmail and can save you a ton of time. In short, the function predicts what to type and lets you insert predicted words or phrases by pressing the tab key in a computer or tapping the space on a smartphone at the end of the expected sentence.

Enable your Gmail on the General tab with the “Smart Compose” button and press “Writing Suggestions On.” Standard suggestions are provided by default, or Google can be customized to monitor your writing style and provide different recommendations.

#3. Sending Confidential Mails

It’s a brilliant thing most people don’t know about— and it’s secret just like “Schedule Send.” On the compose tab, click on the Padlock icon at the bottom of the screen or tap on the three-point button on your smartphone and choose “Confidential Mode.”

You can stop sending, copying, print, or downloading the file, and set an expiry date to delete the email after a certain amount of time automatically. Finally, you can configure your e-mail to read a passcode and send the passcode via SMS.

#4. Nudges

When you tend to put off replying to emails or send emails sometimes and then forget to do the same, you will like a great function called “Nudges” in your Gmail settings. Scroll down the General tab to allow it, and when activated, it will drop old emails in your inbox along with a recommendation to answer or follow up.

#5. Finding Emails By Date

This last one is old but elegant, and although it’s beneficial, many people don’t know about it. While exchanging several emails with a specific beneficiary or subject, you need to find an old email without hundreds of search results, add something such as “before: 1/1/2020” or “after 7/15/2018” to your search. This will help you reduce the time, and your searches will be accelerated.


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