Great teachers do everything. Teachers are among the most qualified people in every generation, language, ethnicity, and subject, to succeed. A teacher’s life can vary greatly depending on the subject and grade they teach. From kindergarten to high school and special education through statistics, one topic continues throughout every great teacher’s career: their work doesn’t end with a day at school.

Although the classroom is an enormous part of a teacher’s duties, they extend far beyond that to the lives of students, the families of students, and their communities.

Teachers are in a unique position to influence their students directly. Teachers can see their job in motion, see the progress they affect, and see their aspirations to fruition. Regardless of what the priorities are, they can be summed up in a single sentence: you want to help people.

And you can help someone as a teacher in many ways. To name a few, teachers want to educate, inspire, learn, and influence positive change.

#1. Educate

A great teacher will enjoy teaching students, and one of many teachers ‘ main aims is to be the best teacher they can be. It’s incredibly gratifying to give your students knowledge and work with them to ensure they understand, not just principles, but also practical applications.

There are different teaching approaches, and while your teaching style is unique to you, the important thing is for you to get students involved, empowered, and inspired.

Most people teach their subjects out of passion. If you love a particular topic, you may want to share this knowledge with others, and this passion will make you excel! Other people learn because they care about some of the problems facing the education system and because they want to be part of the solution.

Regardless of why a teacher can only educate their students, so many teachers set this ahead of their goals: teaching lessons that last for a lifetime.

#2. Inspire

Teachers try to inspire students in all aspects of their lives; their main objective is to be a role model for many teachers. A role model is someone who inspires and encourages students to aspire for greatness and shows them how to make their full potential the best they can be with experience and dedication.

Teachers can encourage an uninterested student to learn. They can inspire and concentrate on them and even encourage introverted students out of their shells.

A great teacher can make students learn, encourage a spirit of learning, make math or science fun, and make history lessons enjoyable and exciting. One of the most straightforward goals for many teachers is to inspire students to love learning. But a teacher’s inspiring influence will transcend the classroom.

So often we hear people say that because of their teachers, they were motivated to pursue their careers. A great teacher will leave an indelible mark for a lifetime, and many of us, our teachers have influenced some of our most important decisions.

#3. Learn

Teaching is one of those professions, and many educators list it as one of the main things they expect to get out of their careers.

The education you receive at a strictly professional level will open your eyes to many things that you have never before been exposed to. You learn much about learning yourself through a degree in education: pedagogy, methodology, etc. You know how to think and how to teach students best.

However, so many other factors teach that the cycle of becoming an educator teaches you a lot. No matter what you teach, your experience will deepen and grow in many fields. Then there is the question of the process of teacher credentials, which is also a learning experience.

Teachers learn a lot about themselves by teaching. Teaching needs you to get out of yourself in a way you have never done before, and you become a teacher and a person through it. You should learn more about how you work with others, especially children, and how you interact efficiently and teach efficiently. You can learn how to handle stress better, and your organizational skills are invaluable from the planning and grading courses.

Several teachers say that the lessons they learn from their pupils do the job so accomplishing. Students bring to the classroom many of their own life experiences, and certain things that they have to say can enlighten you in ways you might not expect. If you hear your students express their views, you can broaden your perspective.

#4. Change

Ambitious teachers are the ones who drive progress in this profession. These are the people who want to meet the demand for great teachers: they are working to contribute to improving the quality of education for all. Such teachers are prepared to work in high schools where teacher morale is weak and disadvantaged communities desperate for dedicated, qualified teachers.

It’s a step forward for really motivated teachers. Teachers with advanced credentials (Master, Doctor, etc.) are eligible for further promotions, and many are qualified to become heads or school administrators in the region. You can even end up working for the education board of your district or state. You can make real changes at this stage, helping to shape the future of education in your region.

If a teacher says that their goal is “to make a difference,” it means that. Not only do they want to change their students’ lives, but they also want to change the face of education.


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