Of all the glamorous CES 2020 technology, Samsung brought something that could satisfy our hunger. The company displayed its robot called Bot Chef, which can produce some delicious food products.

The bot chef consists of two mechanical arms hanging from an armoire of a kitchen, displayed at the CES Show Floor of Samsung. It was first revealed at KBIS 2019, however.

The company notes that it is a collaborative robot which can provide the chef with an additional pair of hands. You can chop, whisk, pour, clean etc. You can download new skills from the internet and adapt them to the needs of the user.

For example, users can download the breathing ability to move a pot of soup or if they have to control a robot that they have never seen.

There should however be a large and robust ecosystem of such downloadable skills. Not to mention Samsung’s cooperation with the kitchen equipment manufacturers.

Of course, AI and machine learning are combined, and Bot Chef is based on a multi-use programmable platform from Samsung. It tries to imitate the workings of a human arm with six degrees of freedom, a similar diameter and protection.

The independent food robot is intelligent enough to detect the location of the various objects on the kitchen board. It can be managed via an app to make a user pick objects and carry out desired actions with voice commands.

Anyway, a long road seems ahead. Samsung made no announcements as to when and what price it will launch Bot Chef for the commercial market.


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