Fighting, Arguments is never fun, nobody likes to make it because they know that argument, fight in one way or another, hurt them too, compete with other people or with anyone important to you, can be friends, co-workers, family etc.

Primarily because of fighting many times you do not achieve the objective for what you have struggled or argued for, we all know that fighting is not pleasant or something that we should be proud of, but what does it make us fight?

When we know that fights undoubtedly will make us unhappy, but why are we doing this, why are we fighting, why are people fighting?

There are several reasons to answer the question of why people are fighting, and these are straightforward reasons:

#1. Threatening

One reason behind the fight are that when people feel that they are threatened by life or livelihood, they prefer to protect them and choose to fight for them, humans usually prefer peace, but they choose to stand for it when they are threatened with their lives or people.

#2. Unable To Accept

We are not ready to accept anything related to us, we’re not prepared to take our fault, mistake, and wrongdoing, and we can argue or fight when anyone makes us realise it.

I saw many people fighting in local trains, for example, because they’re not ready to apologise for their mistake, people usually take it all on their ego, and their ego never permits them to accept it.

#3. Busy Life

Another reason for fighting and arguing is active frustrating life, people are living today in such a frustrating experience that they are irritated at anything small, even the least push in rushes can irritate them, and that little push is the biggest reason for the big fight.

#4. How They Say Things

Another explanation for fighting or turning a discussion into a heated argument is how they say things.

For example, in a difficult situation, you can’t joke. You can’t say stuff terribly, even the most beautiful things said grossly can become the catalyst for a war or a heated dispute.

#5. Ignorance

Ignorance and close-mindedness is another reason, Now a day people are not ready to listen to others, people always prefer their opinions the best, they don’t even think of other people, they’re never prepared to understand others’ perception.

For example, I saw many people fighting and arguing on social sites because they are unwilling to accept the views of others because they do not want others to look at their opinions. Still, they do not want to see other ideas, thoughts and perspectives, and therefore do not debate about what is half-intelligent.

#6. Emotional Disturbance

Some are very delicate, harmful for every little thing, people who have no control over their emotions, take everything personally and turn every small thing into big, bad arguments, so only then can you understand the other point and opinions clearly.

#7. Compromise

Individuals aren’t ready to compromise, people aren’t prepared to listen to the views of others, people argue and fight when they stand on their stalemate, and they use their resources to obtain the person they are looking for. Generally, they don’t hear, but they listen to the response, so they’re ready to listen.

#8. Short Tempered

There are many short-tempered people, and there can be some explanation for their actions, lack of sleep, stress, issues with their families, financial problems or some talk that will cause them.

Therefore, this person with a short-temper┬áproblem needs to work on him, because strangers with whom they struggle don’t know about him should understand and control his frustration and emotions.

#9. Always Right Attitude

More sympathetic people are usually less sensitive to others, and it gives them an “always right” attitude, they still believe they are right. Others who argue with, or fight with, they usually are egotistical people.

They do or do anything to prove wrong to others because deep within their heart they believe they always have right and they see history only on their side; they don’t examine history from both points of view; they feel they have been through much and that such convictions never require them to change and never make them feel guilty.

#10. Showing Power & Respect

We tend to protest or fight, and if we feel insulted, when someone criticises us instead of inspiration, most people choose to say things that hurt the other person more. Many people criticise because they want to display their strength, and because they want respect, many way conflicts take place.

Therefore both people must realise that power and respect is shown and taken by hard work, attitude, actions and kindness, criticism and response or claim cannot demonstrate ability or give respect.


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