In the wild region, more Gigantamax Pokemon appear in Pokemon Sword and Shield. There’s a bunch of new people in today’s update to combat and win raids, and we’re here to help you kill all of them. Beginning with Gigantamax Lapras, the character of Ice and Water can be a difficult challenge. Fortunately, though, he has some weaknesses that you can exploit. Here’s how to beat Pokemon Sword and Shield with Gigantamax Lapras.

How Can You Beat The Gigantamax Lapras

As a dual-type, Lapras has a lot of strength, but you can also use some serious weaknesses against it. There is no 4x weakness, like some other characters, but if you know your charts you’re going to find a few that work well. Pokemon moves will cause double damage to Gigantamax Lapras, although you have to take account of your own weaknesses.

The grass is the right choice, for example, before Lapras hits Blizzard. If you take him with the whole team of four coaches, maybe with refreshing stamps and join their game, then you should be all right. In determining how to beat Gigantamax Lapras, the number of trainers is critical.

Tyranitar, Rhyperior, Jolteon, Leafeon, and Lucario are a few good counters against Lapras. If you have no active choices among these kinds, anything like that can happen, as long as they are 60 or higher. If you need them, Rillaboom, Raichu, and Machamp will make it work. And as always, Eternatus can deal with his transfer to Dynamax Cannon tons of damage.

Now, you know how to beat Pokemon Sword and Shield with Gigantamax Lapras. You should be able to take them out quickly once you have your Pokemon and a full trainer squad. If you miss a few, concentrate on finding the perfect counter with the above information.


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