Huawei released the CentOS-based Linux distribution openEuler’s source code. OpenEuler, called EulerOS, has a corporate edition, and Huawei has now published its community edition. However, as many would expect, openEuler’s source code is not available in Github but is published in Gitee, an alternative to Chinese Github.

You will find two components when you visit the openEuler Linux distribution source code:

  • Code source – Used to store the source code.
  • Package source – Used to store software packages to build the OS.

Huawei has specifically recommended two specific packages in its blog post, iSulad and A-Tune. iSulad is a service-based lightweight gRPC container runtime written in c.

Its OCI-compatible interfaces are used for IoT and cloud infrastructure. On the other hand, A-Tune is a system program for auto-optimizing the system to fit many embedded AI-engine scenarios.

Huawei also says it has built these systems via script automation on the Huawei Cloud.

There are currently approximately 1,000 software packages on Gitee, and each package provides both ARM64 and x86 versions of the architecture.

How to download Huawei’s openEuler Linux Distribution?

You can download its ISO from Huawei’s official website if you want to test OpenEuler. Nonetheless, the report would be complicated as it is not yet available in English.

OpenEuler Linux appears to be aimed at Linux hardcore fans rather than hobbyists. Whether Huawei will put openEuler to contend with other Linux distributions remains to be seen.


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