New President Hiroya Masuda (68) of Japan Post Holdings held a press conference in Tokyo for the first time since taking office in Tokyo. He emphasized that “it is the biggest crisis since its foundation” and said that “recovering economic damage is the top priority” regarding the issue of improper contracts with Japan Post Insurance, He showed his thoughts of critical elucidation.

Mr. Masuda, Tetsuya Senda (59) of Japan Post Insurance, and Kazuhide Kinukawa (62) of Japan Post interviewed the new presidents. Following the issue of Japan Post Insurance, the former presidents of the three companies were resigned all at once and assumed office on June 6.

 As of December 15, last year, it was determined that 12,836 contractors were suing for improper contracts due to violations of laws or internal regulations. Until now, we have conducted a face-to-face survey of 183,000 cases of suspected irregular contracts, but during the investigation process, a new type of improper contact was identified. Mr. Masuda said he would re-examine contracts that were allegedly inappropriate based on these types and conduct crucial additional research.

Mr. Masuda was born in the former Ministry of Construction (now the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism) and served as governor of Iwate Prefecture for three terms. Mr. Masuda said, “There is no difference between the public and private sectors in crisis management. The missing parts are supplemented with outside knowledge and experts.” It has also been revealed that a task force (special mission team) has already been set up, and a system for studying concrete improvement measures is being promoted. Regarding internal networks in which information such as contractor complaints does not reach management, the company plans to establish an external reporting desk and work to reform the corporate culture.

At the end of last year, former president Masamitsu Nagato said he had forgotten the investigation over the issue that the then secretary-general was leaking to the senior vice president of Japan Post regarding administrative sanctions, but Masuda reexamined the research. I showed a policy to do it. Masuda said, “There is a suspicion of public-private cohesion.

Before the conference, Masuda and his three presidents visited the official residence on the morning of September 9. They received a request from Prime Minister Abe to “improve credibility as soon as possible.”


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