On Thursday at the latest Pokemon Direct Nintendo and the Pokemon Company revealed there’s a new Pokemon game in the works. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is called: Rescue Team DX, and in March, it is scheduled to be released at the Nintendo Switch.

Fans of Mystery Dungeon won’t have to wait long for the game themselves because Nintendo announced in the same directory that sometime on Thursday a beta for the game will be available in the Nintendo eShop.

The new Mystery Dungeon game announcement has launched the Pokemon Direct with Nintendo revealing that it’ll have a demo on Thursday, close to the end of the game’s debut. Information shared in the Direct did not give any time when the prototype would be available, but indicated that “later today” would be available.

 How far the players will get with the demo alone is unknown, but players will not have to worry about losing their progress if they decide to buy the full game when it comes out in March. Nintendo said the saved data of the players is going to be transmitted to the whole game, and if you’re on the idea of revisiting the series Mystery Dungeon, you can start today.

If the game looks familiar from the above trailer, it’s because of the restoration of the original Dungeon Mystery. Nintendo’s game page has now been published with more detail and the demo. The Pokemon Company provided users with a brief history lesson on the original 2006 Mystery Dungeon Games from the Pokemon Twitter account.

 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is set to release on March 6 for the Nintendo Switch. The demo of the game will be downloaded when available in the Nintendo Switch eShop for Nintendo Switch owners.


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