Investigators are investigating a Ukrainian passenger plane crash in Iran, including a surface-to-air missile strike, terrorist acts, and an engine failure, a Ukrainian security officer, said on Thursday.

Boeing from Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) descended outside Tehran shortly after Wednesday’s departure and killed all 176 people on board.

“We are working on seven different versions of the event taking place in Iran at this time,” Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the RNBO, announced to AFP.

The Council’s role is to organize the test in the accident, the first fatal crash involving the largest UIA carrier in Ukraine.

Danilov also said on Facebook that both technological malfunctions and misplay are being researched, but told AFP that the “priority” version was not yet available.

He states on Facebook that the leads included a collision with a separate airborne target, a missile defense system rocket from Iran, an engine explosion caused by a technical problem, and an aircraft explosion due to “an act of terrorism.”

Danilov told AFP that there was no reason to believe that a missile hit the airliner at this time.

“We are researching all seven variants very carefully,” he said.

Tens of top Ukrainian experts flocked to Tehran at the beginning of Thursday and are currently working in the country, according to the Council.

The crash–which killed mainly Iranians and Canadians–came soon after Tehran launched rockets at Iraqi bases housing American troops in avenge last week’s murder of a high-ranking Iranian general.

The airline said that the Boeing 737 was constructed in 2016 and only twice before the accident was checked.

It said that the pilots were well trained and that the captain was able to fly over 11,000 hours, mostly on the Boeing 737.

The Iranian authorities on Thursday said that the plane had turned around after a “problem” had been disappearing from radars at the height of 2,400 meters (8,000 feet), but that the crew had not sent an emergency message.


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