India announced on Thursday that Pakistan should stop trading at the United Nations because “there are no takers here for your malware,” as alarmist rhetoric usually makes Pakistan a world body to attract the attention of the member nations that have shown no interest in it.

India also slammed the United Nations Security Council for its increasing identity crisis and lack of relevance that, as it put it, made it unable to deal with “the globalization of terrorist networks;” (and) the arming of new technologies that were not clearly articulated by Pakistan and its backers, India said.

India has pushed the United Nations into reform of its high decision-making body, the Security Council that reflects and represents the changing world more than the birthplace of the global body 75 years ago. It seeks permanent membership with the support of all critical powers of the reformed and extended Council.

“One group that represents dark arts has again demonstrated their conflicts, packaging falsity earlier today,” said Syed Akbaruddin, Permanent Representative for India at the United Nations, during an open debate on Maintenance of International Peace and Security at the United Nations Security Council: Upholding for United Nations Charter.

He said, “We reject this with contempt. My simple answer to Pakistan is to rid yourself of your malaise, even if it’s late. There are no malware takers here.”

Following the alarmist depiction of the situation in the subcontinent and particularly on the border, the PR spoke after the Pakistani delegation, which used it previously to lobby for the global body to interfere, and declined it to do so, in line with India’s view, the conflict must be dealt with bilaterally.

In its pursuit of United Nations intervention, or of a country or other entity, the Pakistan delegation had repeatedly made claims from a letter to the Chairman of the Council and the Secretary-General of the USA Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in December seeking to hold a Security Council meeting on India, post-August 5 withdrawal Article 370.

This 12th December, China used Qureshi letters to seek the United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss Kashmir after the repeal of Article 370 but was forced to reverse the situation by other members of the Security Council, namely the United States (which held the rotary UNSC chair for a month), France, Russia, and the United Kingdom.


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