Justin Bieber recently disclosed that he suffered from Lyme disease by posting a message on Instagram. Hailey Bieber spoke about “a tough couple of years” to her husband in encouragement. The 25-year-old wrote that people failed to realize he’s recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease. He also discussed how people still loved his looks and drug dependence with meth.

The NHS refers to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, muscle, and joint pain and energy loss. The disease is a wasting disease spread by infected ticks to humans. Stay tuned to hear more about his current situation and Hailey Bieber’s public criticism.

Downplayed The Seriousness

Hailey, shortly after the post of her husband, denounced those who, in a series of tweets ‘downplayed the seriousness’ of Lyme disease. The 23-year-old argued that critics should examine stories of people with Lyme disease. She urged people to educate themselves rather than stress themselves and ridicule a condition they didn’t understand.

Avril Lavigne

Hailey proceeded to thank Bella’s and Gigi Hadid’s models and Yolanda’s mother. She thanked her closest friends for the clarification and knowledge she had received on Lyme disease. Both of them have suffered. She also mentioned Avril Lavigne, who revealed that she was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015. She called Avril amazingly and thanked her for educating people in a tweet about the condition. “There are too many people with this weakening disease,” Lavigne replied. The singer referred to fans also of The Avril Lavigne Foundation. This is her eponymous charity that helps Lyme disease men.

Next YouTube Documentary Series

The singer will open in his upcoming YouTube documentary series about chronic disease. This refers to his health problems in an Instagram post on Wednesday. He spoke of getting the right treatment for this so far, incurable disease. The singer from Yummy wrote he’ll be back and better than ever before. He also blamed people who only construct lies and say they hope he’ll lose all he does.


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