After the death of her teenage daughter. In 2019, a mother told her story and warned everyone about the dangers of meningitis. On 30 December 2018, the 13-year-old Maisy Dicks was taken to the hospital, shortly after being found delirious in her bedroom.

This teenager was put by the doctors, from Merthyr Tydfil. In an induced coma, her parents waited outside in the New Year’s Eve hospital.

The next day, we are told that Maisy’s organs died. The teenager’s parents, Neil Dicks, 53, and Sharon Stokes, 39.

Her mother, Sharon, thought her daughter had just a bug and nothing else, and she felt that her daughter would sleep her, but a deadly illness turned her life into a living hell.

When asked about the circumstances, her mother said Maisy was unexpectedly dark and delirious. When they rushed to the hospital, the doctors told them Maisy had meningitis. As Sharon was later going home for some fresh clothes, the nurse telephoned her and told her to come back to the hospital. Sharon rushed to the hospital immediately, as the nurse’s voice was urgent. When they returned to the hospital, the doctors told her that the heart of Maisy began to fail, and they had to transfuse her blood.

Sharon, also, revealed that the doctors tried desperately to save Maisy for about 35 minutes, but was found dead at Cardiff’s Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital in Wales.

Sharon sadly remembered their last Christmas and told the whole family that they enjoyed it.

Then Sharon came out on social media and posted her story warning of the dangers of meningitis and septicemia, which are considered deadly diseases.


Vomiting, headaches, high temperature, very sleepy, cold hands and feet, muscle and joint pain, says NHS. It also said that such meningitis symptoms could occur in any order, and some cases could not happen.

Meningitis had developed into septicemia in Maisy’s case. Septicemia is a severe bloodstream infection.

Sharon expects others to learn how to diagnose these deadly diseases after sharing their story.


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