Samsung is said to be holding secret meetings with partners and carrier customers at CES, where it displayed products that were still unannounced. This is not shocking in itself since in the past it was reported that the company did so.

What’s more surprising about this week’s meetings. First off, Samsung’s mobile boss DJ Koh reportedly revealed the official name of the Galaxy Fold 2 phone. The next foldable will be Galaxy Bloom. There is even a blurred picture that a participant allegedly shot at one of these meetings to prove this.

Samsung is preparing to commercialise this product in its twenties, which explains not only the name but also the form of the product. The inspiration for the design came from the compacts of Lancome, which inevitably makes a lot of sense when you put the two together.

The device will not have a plastic film like the original Galaxy Fold on top of the screen but instead use ultra-thin glass. The Galaxy Bloom is the first smartphone to support this feature, shooting 8 K footage. Both 4G and 5G models of the Bloom will be available.

Koh also apparently confirmed the much-rumoured new Galaxy S flagship naming strategy. At the February 11 event, the three models launched are called S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. Samsung chose not to count one by one to celebrate the beginning of the new decade correctly.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is a 108 MP rear primary camera and supports 100x zoom. All three will be able to record 8K too.


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