Xiaomi revealed the update to MIUI 11 a month after Android 10 was released. Users who updated appreciated the new features and design modifications.

Now that the stain is over, Xiaomi would like to forget MIUI 11 and concentrate on its successor— MIUI 12. Xiaomi today unveiled the MIUI 12 logo on its official Weibo channel.

This announcement is in line with the Xioami trend of the next MIUI update at the beginning of the year. The Chinese tech giant has refrained from giving more details about the update apart from the esthetic MIUI 12 logo.

MIUI 12 – Release Date And Features

However, that MIUI 12 would have many exciting features and perhaps a design redesign.

Xiaomi released MIUI 11 beta ROMs on Android 10 a few days ago for a range of devices. Based on this, all Android 10 features will undoubtedly be part of the next MIUI iteration.

Since Xiaomi has only confirmed the MIUI 12 logo, it is difficult to say which characteristics are coming. Surely in the next few days, we’ll hear more about the update.

If all goes right and Xioami continues its current big update trend, we’d potentially see the MIUI 12 by the end of the year.


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