The use of the notorious The Great Firewall specifically imposes Internet censorship in China. The firewall makes it virtually impossible for Chinese users to visit government-blocked websites, even if someone uses VPN services. Nonetheless, in the region, many unauthorized VPN services claim to bypass the firewall are available. Chinese authorities regularly target such VPN service providers.

Selling VPN Services

One of the most severe persecution occurred recently when a Chinese man was arrested from the city of Taizhou in China. The man who works under the pseudonym Gao, the reports show, made a massive 1.6 million dollars by selling VPN services.

The report argues that the VPN services of Gao were very effective in bypassing the Great Firewall and had over 28,000 users until he was arrested by law enforcement.

Chinese Authorities

Chinese authorities say that Gao’s total revenue from VPN services in China is more than any other VPN supplier before him.

Also, a Pingnan man was arrested in December 2017 and sentenced to five years in prison for providing illegal VPN services. He made approximately $120,000 and had 8,000 clients.

Given the size of Gao’s sales and the number of customers, it could be imprisoned for an even longer-term.

VPN services are not illegal in China. Nevertheless, all VPN providers in China are obliged to register with China to ensure that the VPN is not used for any unlawful activity or to circumvent the big firewall.


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