Black Widow’s new footage disproves a popular fan theory on Taskmaster’s identity. This year, Scarlett Johansson will eventually be leading her own Marvel Universe film which sheds more light on the background of Natasha Romanoff. This is going to happen when Black Widow reveals multiple stages in her life and introduces characters including Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) and Red Guardian (David Harbour).


In addition to the heroes Black Widow will reveal, the film will also introduce a long-awaited villain: Taskmaster. The professional mercenary is such a hard opponent because he has photographic reflections that allow him to perfectly mimic every physical move. This was highlighted in the latest Black Widow special review when Natasha confronted Taskmaster. But who was under the mask was one part of the Taskmaster that was left open for speculation. One popular theory was that Rachel Weisz could be the Taskmaster but that doesn’t seem likely anymore because of the new images.

There are plenty of new images of Taskmaster and Rachel Weisz’s Melina showcasing the special look for Black Widow, and a shared location seems to show that they are not the same. The movie’s official trailer previously showed Taskmaster and Red Guardian battling in a building with a white interior, several windows, and different colored lights. Weisz (in a white widow suit like Nat and Yelena) features a few quick shots in the special design at the same venue. Red Guardian can be even seen on the ground if you look at them closely while Melina takes a guard around the 40-second mark. If she doesn’t make a quick change of costume or go to the same location many times, Melina is a taskmaster no longer a viable theory.

A strong confirmation of Melina’s not being a taskmaster will mislead those who hope to see this twist happen, but possibly also means she’ll be a hero throughout the film. Seeing that Black Widow revolves around her family, it was interesting to see Nat fight someone who might be a mentor or mother. Melina will instead work with Nat, Yelena, and Red Guardian without a double-cross or identity twist throughout the series.

Clearly, to learn that Melina is not Taskmaster then leaves us all over again with doubt about the mercenary identity. For those who want to find out their identity before visiting Black Widow in May, the good news is that many other choices are not open. The movie has a small group of cast members, and Weisz could no longer run for Taskmaster and O-T Fagbenle is the one under the suit. Marvel did not disclose too much detail about his character, Mason, except he has a past with Natasha. It seems that, because someone who is not a member of the confirmed cast of Black Widow is playing Taskmaster, Fagbenle will play the main character rather than Weisz.


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