Windows 10’s One of Microsoft’s many successful attempts to access the software on Android and iOS devices has been The Phone app. However, by adding a new feature to the app, the tech giant moves one step further. A new feature will reportedly enable users to copy and paste data across devices.

Microsoft’s Your Phone application can currently be used to mirror your desktop screen and share photos between connected devices. In addition, the app allows users to answer text messages and make telephone calls from their PCs. Microsoft plans to bring more to the table, however.

Cross-Device Copy And Paste

According to the latest report, the Your Phone app releases its latest feature, which can be known as the “Cross-Device Copy and Paste” feature, which will allow you to transfer text and perhaps other data simply by copying and pasting on Windows 10 PC’s phone.

If your phone supports both Android and iOS, Android can be presumed to first be enabled by copy-paste. This is because of the Android functionality of your phone app before iOS.

Windows Last used a hack to access this feature, but couldn’t actually use it. However, the description under this option clearly indicates that metadata is transferred from the PC to the phone when the’ content’ on either device is copied.

Nevertheless, when this feature appears in your phone app officially, it could remove the need for any third-party apps that are used for the same reason.


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