This week Toshiba announced that it has created an algorithm called Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm, that can analyze market data more systematically and quickly than the fastest supercomputers in the world. The new Toshiba algorithm can provide the best combinatorial strategies to solve discrete problems of high-level optimization. The algorithm can provide an effective solution for a combinatorial optimization problem from different possible solutions.

As reported, the Toshiba simulated Bifurcation algorithm can also be used on a regular desktop. In 2019, Toshiba explained how SBA achieved accurate solutions for a combination of 2,000 linked variables in 50 microseconds. The speed of laser-based quantum computers is estimated to be 10 times faster.

Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm Invention

Hayato Goto, the creator of the simulated bifurcation algorithm, said it is inspired by a process in which quantum computers find precise solutions from many possible solutions. The Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm was initiated in 2015 and Hayato concluded that it will be easy to resolve and with a low computing cost to include new inputs in a complex system with around 100,000 variables.

SBA can work effectively on a group of field-programmable gate arrays and CPUs with Toshiba leading researcher Kosuke Tatsamura. Technological giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Google are struggling to be the first company to invent a truly functional quantum commercial system.

Hayato Goto and Kosuke Tatsamura will review the roots with various methods to improve the classical algorithm. Toshiba plans to use SBA for financial services such as changes to its quick-fire portfolio and currency trading. The algorithm may also be used to calculate methodical routes for the development and delivery of molecular precision drugs.


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