Complete Incident

A guy was imprisoned after a Swedish national was shot down in London on Christmas Eve before his wife and young child. Swedish kickboxer Anis Hemissis (22), said the Metropolitan police, was detained on 20 January at Copenhagen airport in Denmark on suspicion of murdering Flamur Beqiri.

Detective Inspector Jamie Stevenson said the 36-year-old was shot several times by a lone gunman who fled at a foot on Battersea Church Road, southwest of London, at 9 p.m. last year.

A Met Police spokesman said that in Denmark the man is under arrest, awaiting extradition to the UK.

Scotland Yard told Mr Beqiri, a Swedish national of Albanian heritage, that for four or five years he lived in London. He was the son of former Cheshire star Misse Beqiri’s Real Housewives.

After The Attack

Shortly after the attack, Mr. Stevenson said, “We suspect Flamur may have been involved in criminal activity in Sweden and are in liaison with our Swedish counterparts to try to understand what, if any, events could have caused somebody to look back on Flamur in the UK.”

Mr. Beqiri married his wife, Debora Krasniqi, at Cernobbio Lake Como in Italy, in October 2018, according to records. An article published in the Grace Ormonde wedding style magazine revealed that the couple met on Twitter.

The family of Mr. Beqiri said in a statement issued by Scotland Yard soon after his loss: “Our family is in shock and is sorry. It is heartbreaking to have so much sorrow at this time of the year.”

Next door neighbor living close to the shooting scene identified multiple gunshots followed by a lady shouting for help ‘desperately.’ Vittoria Amati, 60, said that she heard ‘8 to 10’ shots fired rapidly.

Mrs. Amati said: “I heard the wife’s scream then. It’s one of my neighbors, I came out and realized. He was lying in a blood pool in front of his doorway. He was still alive. He was alive. We needed him to do it. You don’t know how desperate she (his wife) seemed.”


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