For Disney Plus, next week’s a major one. On 4 February, Disney is releasing its quarterly financial results, which should give us our first comprehensive look at the subscriber numbers of the streaming service since 10 million users were reported back in November. Then we have an idea of how it battles rivals like Netflix.

Hopefully, we will also get a clearer idea what the release schedule looks like for the rest of the year. Disney Plus has had a good start to 2020, adding the Lion King and Aladdin live-action remakes to the channel. Toy Story 4 will follow it in February 2020 on Disney Plus and leave Maleficent: Evil Queen, Star Wars: Skywalker’s Rise and Frozen 2 as the big films of 2019 waiting to arrive on the streaming services.

But it is possible that it will take until summer for Disney Plus’ original content to increase, but it has been announced this week that the Falcon and Winter Soldier, the first Disney Plus MCU series, will be released in August. The Mandalorian Season 2, and WandaVision, another MCU series, will be followed by this later this year.

In 2021, people will not stop thinking about the shows of Disney Plus. But we have a bit of a wait on our hands for now. Whereas Star Wars animation devotees should look forward to a new season in The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian offered a preview of the full potential of the service: that is, expensive live-action TV shows that are good enough to overshadow films.


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