A year ago, US President Donald Trump asked Google, through the current trade war with China, to stop working with Huawei on Android.

Chinese tech giant Huawei’s Google Android technology has been making well-known phones for quite a long time.

Be that as it may, the preference of the US government meant that Huawei was stopped from planning Google apps and administrations on tablets.

Huawei has worked diligently since then and has established its flexible programming and applications as an option for Google.

Presently, Huawei has informed Germany’s Der Standard that the company intends to keep phones ready without Google equipment.

“No matter whether the United States ends the boycott of trade, Huawei will never return to Google,” Huawei said.

A separate announcement from Huawei to The Sun reads: “Our first decision is an open Android biological system.

“We’ll be able to create one ourselves if the US doesn’t allow us to use it.” Some aspects of the dilemma for Huawei is that no matter if the ban is lifted, similar sanctions could be maintained later.

This is why Huawei targets its working environment and opposing software–like the mapping application and application store.

Huawei is trying to assemble a whole “third” mobile environment to match Google’s Android and Apple’siOS.

Nevertheless, the architecture of Huawei appears to be based on the open-source Android code — uninhibitedly available to the public.

Although Huawei (and anyone else) may use Android technology, they can not access Google apps or administrations without a Google membership.

Fortunately, Huawei fans aren’t all fate and misery.

In any case, it should be possible to get Google Apps on your next Huawei phone–however, it won’t be standard to accompany your phone.

Future Huawei telephones can not also have access to the Google Play Store, a popular and vast collection of apps and games.

There should be no concern for registered Huawei mobile owners either. At present, they’re going to keep filling as normal.


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