Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said on Monday that he needs $10 billion to help fight environmental change.

Bezos, the most wealthy person in the world, said in an Instagram post that he would be giving awards to scholars, advocates and organisations that try to secure the Earth this mid-year.

“To intensify known ways and to investigate better ways to combat the staggering impact of environmental changes I need to work closely with others,” said Bezos in the post.

Massive Carbon Footprint

Amazon, the Bezos corporation, has a massive carbon footprint. A year ago, the Amazon authorities announced that 100 per cent of the organisation’s use of vitality would come from sun-light boards and other sustainable energy sources by 2030.

The online retailer depends on petroleum products to power ships, trucks and carriers to move billions of items throughout the world. Amazon staff in their home office in Seattle have opposed a portion of the work of the company and urged it to do more to counter environmental change.

Bezos Earth Fund

Bezos said in the post-Monday he would consider the Bezos Earth Fund for his new business. An Amazon official said that Bezos would use his cash for the store.

Regardless of being among the most wealthy people in the world, Bezos was innovative late in giving cash to causes like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett did. In 2018, Bezos started a second shop with $2 billion of his money to open pre-schools in low-wage communities and to provide non-profit funds to help needy families.

Bezos, who founded Amazon 25 years earlier, has a stake of more than $100 billion in the company.


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