The director announced that he had a plan for two more films, but did not reveal the film’s names. Maybe someday you’ll find out, but not today. This left viewers and audiences are wondering if the creator would return for another movie to the DC Extended Universe after the Suicide Squad.

Plans Of James Gunn

The Suicide Squad’s producer James Gunn has two more DC movies he wants to make. James Gunn was mostly known for writing Marvel’s first two Galaxy Guards. After the massive success of the film, the Galaxy Vol Guardians. Two were created and progressed, but Disney inspired James Gunn in July 2018 for offensive tweets he had written years ago. Disney eventually rehired James Gunn but did not snag him to write and direct the Suicide Squad before Warner Bros.

In October 2018, James Gunn was hired to write The Suicide Squad and finally declared to be the editor. Although Marvel has rehired him, Gunn is committed to his DC-film and even to talking to the original director of this film, David Ayer. Gunn said he wouldn’t rush, the Suicide Squad to move on to the Galaxy Vol Guardians. 3, which to many fans, was comforting. After the Suicide Squad, Gunn may again work for Marvel, but he may also have a future with DC.


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