Ben Affleck, who played Batman’s part in great hit films such as The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, supports Robert Pattinson’s successor.

Robert Pattinson

This time, Robert Pattinson will play Batman’s part. He is known for his role in several films, notably TWILIGHT. In next year’s The Batman, Pattinson would be playing the role of Caped Crusader.

Beginning with 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Affleck came as Batman’s fifth actor in a live movie and played in three films (including a small share in the Suicide Squad). Affleck was supposed to do three primary tasks in the next Batman film. He was expected to direct, write, and perform in the upcoming movie.

Later several rumors came to light, which claimed that someone else would take over his role in the film. Affleck eventually left the project, and Matt Reeves agreed to write and act, while Pattinson was decided to play Bruce Wayne’s character.

Production Of The Batman

The makers have already begun production on The Batman. Recently, Reeves revealed Pattinson’s very first official look in the costume of Batman. The 2021 film is only enthusiastic as production has continued, mainly because of its extensive cast.

One day, a media person asked him about his time as Batman while Affleck was promoting his film. Questions were also asked about his original script, which Batman had written down. Affleck said, “I know Robert is a great actor. Here going to do well.” We said, “Everybody, who’s trying to do it and couldn’t wait and that wasn’t me at the time, deserves to make the film. So I’d pass on.”


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