The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has published information about numerous asteroids roving around the world.

But the main concerns of the space agency are the asteroids that could collide in the future with our world and have a lethal and significant impact on millions of people.

According to the reports, NASA’s planetary experts have once again identified another deadly asteroid that would approach Earth in 2029.

99942 Apophis

The deadly rock was found to be 99942 Apophis. This asteroid was tracked at an alarming rate of 67,000 miles per hour as it hovered across the Planet. Researchers and scientists have made a possible date for this asteroid to come into contact with the Earth.

They estimated that 13 April was the day. Nine years would have passed, but time passes like anything. Some sources have even indicated that this asteroid will kill a whole planet when it collides.

However, a team of scientists also said that this asteroid would prefer to pass through our planet Earth rather than to hit or collide with it. The experts have explained the reason behind this flypast. They said it is because the path of the asteroid may still differ along with its gravitational pulls during its journey.


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