What is Steganography?

Steganography is the technique of hiding secret data within a common, non-sensitive, file, or message to prevent detection; the confidential data is then retrieved at its destination. The use of steganography may be combined with encryption as an additional step to hide or secure data. The term steganography is derived from the Greek words Steganos (which means secret or covered) and the Greek root graph (which means to write).

Steganography can be used to cover nearly any form of digital content, including text, image, video, or audio content; the concealed data can be hidden within nearly any other type of digital content. The material to be shielded by steganography — called invisible text — is always encrypted before being inserted into the text file or data stream of the innocuous-seeming cover. When not encrypted, the hidden text is also interpreted in some way to make the identification of secret material more difficult.

Steganography: Hiding data within a separate File Using CMD:

For instance, think we need to hide plainText.txt text file from the image file image.jpg and combine it into a new file NewImage.jpg. Where NewImage.jpg is our output file that contains the text hidden in an image file.

  1. Press win + r to open the command window.
  2. To Start the cmd command prompt, and press ok. Enter the directory where your files are stored. For example cd desktop
  3. copy /b plainText.txt + image.jpg NewImage.jpg

now our file has been hidden successfully in a new file.

How can I view my files?

  • To open the hidden file open the output file NewImage.jpg you will see the image file but how to view your hidden text file Right-click the image file.
  • Select open with notepad.
  • We successfully opened it! In the last of the notepad, you’ll find the content of the text file.

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