The war is on. The battle is real, and the way Americans watch the movie will make a major change. AMC Entertainment, the most significant film chain, has announced it will not release any film from Universal Studios.

So this is something that the American entertainment industry has ever seen as possibly the most intense battle. If this announcement is carried out in letter and spirit, it will bring about a big change in the theater industry.

How The Fight Between AMC And Universal Started?

AMC Entertainment has accused Universal Studios of seeking to change the terms and conditions by disregarding the already existing business model. The simultaneous release of films both in theaters and streaming is damaging AMC entertainment’s business model. Late this occurred with films to have both theater and online films released concurrently, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the process.

It wasn’t a normal occurrence until the planet was embroiled in this crisis, but this time resources were reduced considerably. It has contributed to a new entertainment outlet. The infectious aspect of the virus contributed to extreme lock-downs and social isolation.

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In the middle of the crisis, it is not possible to assemble an audience in theaters because it poses a significant health risk. Therefore, the amount of online entertainment has grown exponentially, leading to a shift in the way people see films in the future. But Universal tried to make a change and see to it whether or not this model is viable.

AMC entertainment is still true to its interests, but the new situation involves what Universal has done and should not be seen as a threat to the market.

Here’s What AMC Demanded

AMC Entertainment has a strong opinion that Universal has violated the theater exclusivity deal. The theaters were also the first to release the film and later on online platforms. This is also a significant argument by AMC entertainment. Even if there is no dialogue and negotiation and the prospect of the two enormous entertainment bodies sitting across the table is common. This is critical in the eyes of a spectator, as they are without the theatrical experience of universal films.

Universal has a few big names in his wallet, and this tussle will cost both the entertainment giants. If we see the release this year, we have films like Croods, F9, and Candyman. Therefore, any disturbance due to the ongoing conflict will cost them both, and, of course, the fans will face the most significant setback. When things are sorted, we’ll update you on further progress with specific information.

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