Learning a new language is a serious advantage in today’s globalized markets and societies. It can, however, be challenging to determine the right path for your personal needs. If you need help finding the most direct path to your success, you can do long-term training that will help you reach your learning goal. Taking a gap year or Gap Year abroad is the optimal way to follow your ambition!

It is common to want to take a sabbatical year after finishing your studies and before entering the workforce. Many undergraduate and postgraduate students also feel that they would like to see more people after their studies, before embarking on the routine of work. Have you noticed that you only really enter a language after having taken a course for a week? If there is a language barrier that separates you from your dream? Do you want to study the language as long as you need it to feel like you’ve progressed to a very comfortable level?

What better way to reach such a level of linguistic eloquence than to spend months traveling abroad to gain more global experiences while stimulating your mind by learning a new language with unique current course offers in your gap year. You can try new and unknown things, travel, get involved in the program that will allow you to successfully learn the language you’ve always wanted to speak and write, explore the world, and have priceless experiences.


There is almost no limit as to how you can spend this year of language holidays. During your trip, you will be entirely free to determine how long you want to stay and in which country you want to learn it. Create your ideal stay abroad while achieving your linguistic objective, all according to your wishes.

What will you gain from a sabbatical year or a sabbatical year abroad?

  • Develop your language skills further
  • Get to know a new country and new people
  • Make international friends and stay connected
  • Become more independent and open-minded
  • Go on an adventure in the unknown expanses of these welcoming countries
  • Gain life experience very quickly and increase your level of global awareness and maturity
  • The opportunity to significantly improve your professional prospects


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