Cell phone manufacturers have spent the past few years exploring ways to remove the “notch,” the camera tab Apple introduced to the iPhone X. Some have been clever, and some somewhat strange, but this invention by Xiaomi is the rarest we have seen in life.

There have been cameras popping up at the top, sliding screens that reveal the selfie cameras, tear notch, holes in the screen, and screens at the back for taking selfies with the main camera. But this strange design, found by the Tiger Mobiles blog in a patent registered by Xiaomi in the Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) – now holds the world record for bizarre overdesign.

Phone Without A Top Tab

The illustrations show an elongated phone without a top tab. When you need to take a selfie, you simply flip the entire top of the screen.

This segment would rotate 180 degrees on its vertical axis to show the main cameras and thus be able to take the photo using the bottom of the screen as a reference. Come on, what has been called in old Spanish real nonsense.

It is not the first cell phone that tries to use the main cameras as selfie cameras by rotating them. The Samsung Galaxy A80 and Asus Zenfone 6 do – but in that case, just rotate the camera module – not the entire top of the screen.

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Although Xiaomi could try to do something like that, there is no sign that it is a short-term option. For starters, you could only do something like this with microLED display modules, which have zero margins and can be put together, pretending to be a single display. But micro-LEDs are still too big for cell phones and will take a long time to be small enough to be implemented in this type of device.

So apart from the potential physical problems that can appear when you use mechanical solutions, Xiaomi could not make the two segments of the front screen appear as one. There would always be a black line that would separate them.

Manufacture The Patent

Chances are, when we have the technology to manufacture this patent in the real world, we already have cameras that can see smoothly under the screen, something that will make unnecessary these firefighter inventions that Chinese companies have accustomed us to.

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