The hopes of corona liberation can be realized only by peaceful coexistence, moderation, and cooperation.

Circumstances and challenges change over time, but the principles never change. This eternal thinking has shown some misleading definitions created by humans as a mirror of truth. Solitude and practice have been of particular importance in Indian life, but those who celebrated sociality and coexistence had made the value of solitude and self-interviewing themselves impractical. Now, social distance and isolation are proving to be the most effective weapons in this era of the Corona crisis.

Making Changes

We have accepted significant changes in ourselves by making changes in our routine. The more comfortable these changes are, the sooner we will be able to beat Corona, our life will also be easy and simple. If we consider these changes as accusatory, do not accept them quickly, then our restlessness will increase, which can turn into depression further. We need to emphasize on improving our routine.

Watch the sunrise and sunset, which is deprived of a large population. Do meditation and yoga practice. Enhance your artistry. Such as dance, music, cooking, etc. Those who live alone must meditate. In such fragile times, parents should give more and more time for the children and engage them in creative works. Nowadays, due to less pollution, the sky is clear, nature is also bathed, behold it. This will also provide positive energy.

Life Is Not Easy

The way of life is unknown, but not unattainable. There will be fear of flying from known to unknown, but he who has resolved to move forward, will not let his effort sit on the stairs of pramad. Life is not easy for anyone, Corona is…

The Big Truth

We have understood the big truth that health, police, and administration personnel are the real heroes and not cricketers, film stars, and football players. No priest, priest, Glander, cleric, or astrologer could save a single patient. We can also spend our holidays with pleasure without going to Europe or America.

For the first time, animals and birds felt that this world belongs to them as well—the stars twinkle when this belief first occurred to the children of the metros. There is a need for that inspiration, that courage, and determination, which can bring out the hidden powers in the depths inside it. Get up and take action, plan for corona salvation so that your sleeping talent, divine power, which is still lying in vain, awakens.


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