You saw too many films based on games, and at the box office, they bombed miserably—examples such as Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, Max Payne, and many others.

But these movies are not good, as these games were, and this mentality discouraged producers from thinking about making a game into a movie. And what did they neglect so that the more extensive programs failed? Is it the direction or plot, we will discuss what is missing in this post.

Fundamental Plot

Such films focused on games simply skipped the key purpose of the game. To show something else, they twisted the story entirely and inadvertently misled the fans. So for a story to develop, the fundamental plot is important, some of the films adapted it, and some skipped it first.

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Movies Should be Interactive

Video games are so interactive that they can link the player to the plot. Though films focused on games, lack interactivity, and affected the viewer directly. They watched the movie because of the games they enjoyed and were disappointed later.

Game Mechanics

There’s so much lack of games, and mechanics are the most significant reason. In movies, the key features of the game mechanics that are very unpleasant for the player can not be enforced. It’s not clear if it’s due to budget issues or if they want it, but it didn’t make a film worth looking at.


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