Central Government announced to increase the lockdown for the second time. Now till May 17, the lockdown will be applicable throughout the country. However, the government has divided the entire country into Containment, Red, Orange, and Green zones. Now according to each zone, some exemptions have also been fixed. The Union Home Ministry has released the zone-based exemption list. No activity is exempted in the Containment Zone i.e., sealed areas.

The activitiesRed zoneOrange zoneGreen zone
Plane, train, metro navigation and road to state movementNoNoNo
Schools, colleges and other educational institutions, Training / Coaching InstituteNoNoNo
Hotel, all restaurants, hospitality service institutesNoNoNo
Crowded places like cinema hall, mall, gym, sports complexNoNoNo
Organizing social, political, cultural or other types of programsNoNoNo
All religious places and places of worship including temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churchesNoNo 



All religious places and places of worship including temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churchesNoNoNo
Non-essential activities of people from 7 am to 7 pmNoNoNo
Opening of outpatient department (OPD) and medical clinics with social distancingYesYesYes
Cycle rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, taxis, cab operationsNoYesYes
Buses movement within the district and from one district to anotherNoYesYes
Barbershop, Spa & SalonNoYesYes
Movement of a maximum of two people besides driver in four wheelers for permitted activitiesYesYesYes
Two-wheeler movement alone for permitted activitiesYesYesYes
Conditional Exemption to Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Institutions with Export Activities (EOU), Industrial Estate and Industrial Townships, etc. in Urban AreasYesYesYes
Production units of medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, equipment, raw materials, etc.YesYesYes
Production units and their supply chains that need to be continually movingYesYesYes
Production of IT hardware, conditional operations in the jute industry, production units of packaging materialsYesYesYes
Construction work in urban areas and construction work of renewable energy projects if there is no need to hire workers from outside…YesYesYes
Non-essential goods shops in urban areas (single shop, colony shops, residential complex shops, but malls, markets, and market complexes)YesYesYes
E-commerce activities (for the supply of only essential commodities in the Red Zone)YesYesYes
Private Institution with a maximum 33% EmployeeYesYesYes
All industrial and construction work in rural areas (MNREGA, food processing unit, brick kiln)YesYesYes
All types of shops in rural areas except shopping mallsYesYesYes
Farming operationsYesYesYes
Courier & Postal ServiceYesYesYes
Print and electronic media, IT and IT-based services, data and call centersYesYesYes
Cold Storage, Ware Housing Service, Private Security, and Facility Management ServiceYesYesYes
Services of self-employed people except for barbers, such as plumbers, electricians, etc.YesYesYes
Taxi, cab aggregator with one driver and one passenger, movement of people and vehicles from one district to another district only for permitted activities, four-wheelers will have a maximum of 2 passengers apart from the driver; two-wheeler is allowed aloneNoYesYes
Operation of buses (no more than half the seats should be filled) and bus depot with half staffNoNoYes
All goods carrying vehicles, no separate pass needed, no state will stop such vehiclesYesYesYes
People over 65 years of age and people with problems like diabetes, heart problems, pregnant women, children under 10 years of age have to go out except for essential work or health needsYesYesYes



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