Impossible tasks are never impossible, and you have to make friends with your enemy for your life. This precedent has been set by Xbox and Sony, who are now struggling to survive in the world of gaming.

After Google Stadia was released, these two gaming consoles were in immediate danger. For its gaming platform, Google Stadia uses cloud technology that only includes the desired display, subscription and controller.

After the merger, both Microsoft and Sony have been reported to decrease Google Stadia.

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Will Both Microsoft & Sony Share the Same Library?

Because of the game library, the merger between Xbox and PlayStation is controversial. The merger would provide all consoles with a cloud server, which means game storage. There is also a chance that the game library might be shared between the two or could not be shared. This transfer remains for us an assumption.

How Do Both Consoles Survive The Competition?

#1. Cloud Storage

Google’s most significant component in advance of these consoles is cloud storage. Games are stored online as a digital library for the Gamers, while Xbox and PlayStation rely on physical copying and default storage. But now after the merger, Microsoft supports Azure and stores the consoles in the cloud.

#2. Hardware

Xbox and PlayStation also lead the hardware, but Stadia will not meet the performance requirements of the console. Because it is the weakness of the Google service, the next-generation consoles are claimed to have the most powerful hardware so far.

This can be the reincarnation of the consoles as if the fusion is going down well. If these two succeed in the future, it will become a historic landmark, but there is no information on the rivalry between the two. We will soon find out whether it is done for all, or they decide on a storage basis.

#3. Exclusives

Both Xbox and PlayStation have a conventional format, which is why they excel. They are made more fragile by their exclusive content for their consoles. They work thoroughly with the developers to profit from the scenario.

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