Over the past decade, artificial intelligence, also known as AI, has grown in popularity. However, most of us have only seen movies about it. There have been movies, like artificial intelligence in 2001, where robots have human intelligence and human-like characteristics but lack emotion. While we still haven’t reached the cinema levels of artificial intelligence, there are so many breakthroughs in research being done in the field. Today we have machines to replace humans, so they don’t have to work in hostile conditions. The auto market is also starting to promote self-driving cars, which are the responsibility of AI. But we always ask the question: what is artificial intelligence?

What is artificial intelligence?

To answer this question, you would have to open your mind to the possibilities of the human brain. Artificial intelligence is a vast field where it cannot be defined only by robots and machines. AI is a field of computer studies that focuses on the creation of computer systems that perform tasks that require human intelligence. This can include visual perception, decision making, translation, and even speech recognition.

Graduate programs in artificial intelligence

Computing and artificial intelligence go hand in hand to create the development of AI. Students at IA School interested in artificial intelligence require basic knowledge in many aspects of computing, such as computer language and algorithms. In France, there are courses on artificial intelligence in several schools. However, there may be pre-requisites for AI courses. Many universities and colleges that offer postgraduate courses in artificial intelligence have professors who are at the top of the game of AI. University faculty members are part of research groups or are industry leaders in the development of AI.

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Benefits of having a master’s degree in computer science and artificial intelligence

There are several advantages to obtaining your master’s degree in computer science with a specialization in artificial intelligence. As mentioned earlier, there are Bachelor and Master AI training courses, and artificial intelligence in itself has a broad scope as it extends to other specific areas of study. Meanwhile, some focus on the engineering side of AI and others on the programming language. Together, these two groups create and develop real products. But, what are the advantages of a master’s degree in AI? Well, here are some of our discoveries:

Salary: Given that there is a massive gap between the supply and demand of AI experts, graduates will earn, on average, around 33K per year in salary. This average salary should increase because there are not many people who enter this profession.

Knowledge: If you are like others who are “hungry for knowledge”, then this program will undoubtedly be one for books. The in-depth knowledge you will learn during your studies in computer science and artificial intelligence will provide you with professional skills and machine learning frameworks.

Opportunities: By completing a master’s and a doctorate in AI, you open doors to new opportunities. Many universities have industry partners and affiliates in which students will have the opportunity to use their knowledge in real-life situations.

Networking: Not only will you earn higher wages, in-depth knowledge, and better job opportunities, but you will also be able to meet the best people in the industry. The master’s and doctoral programs will also allow you to work with industry leaders.

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