Disney is here to support, they are known also for their fantastic films and caring and welcoming attitudes towards the world, we see Disney doing some cute masks in these tough times.

The masks feature characters such as Mickey Mouse, Avengers, Baby Yoda, Star Wars and we would like to buy all of these lovely and colorful masks.

Disney has made reusable non-medical cloth masks with all of our favorite characters.

At all times when we go out, the pandemic situation remains at its height, it is important to cover our mouths with a mask and we would like all our readers to remain safe and to take proper precautions.


Disney has not only made these lovely masks, but they are also donating all the money that is earned from the sale of these masks to charity companies.

Edward Park, Senior Vice Chairman of Disney Store, released a statement saying, ‘We know it’s a difficult time for families and wearing some kind of mask is overwhelming.” He also assured us that it is so families can be encouraged to wear such masks to hold them close to their favorite characters.


For all fans who want these masks and contribute to a positive project, they should visit their website as they can be pre-ordered.

The masks are available in small, medium, and large sizes for $19.99 for a four-pack.

Disney will also give a million masks to underprivileged families in many US states.

We’ll keep you posted with more coronavirus news before you get home, stay safe, and start reading!


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