The Union Home Ministry has announced that the lockdown will be extended for another two weeks across the country.

According to the Disaster Management Act 2005, the government has decided to extend the lockdown for the next two weeks starting May 4.

The Union Home Ministry has issued new guidelines in this regard.

The government, which relaxed some restrictions on the Green and Orange Zones, said OP services would be allowed in all hospitals across the country.

It said some of the sanctions would be implemented nationwide, regardless of zones. What are those restrictions?

  • All domestic and international flights (only emergency service flights allowed)
  • Trains Bandh.
  • Prohibition on interstate travel
  • Schools, colleges and training centers are all Bandh
  • Don’t open hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, or gym
  • Swimming pools and playgrounds are closed
  • Prohibition on all places of worship and all kinds of activities where people gather

In Containment Zones

  • Arrivals are allowed only for emergency supplies and emergency medical supplies.
  • No person or vehicle is permitted without inspection.
  • Details of people who go in and out are recorded.

Red Zones (outside of containment zones)

  • Bicycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws are not allowed.
  • Taxis and cabs are not allowed.
  • Bus services in the district and inner districts
  • Do not open cutting shops, salons, spas
  • You can go on personal vehicles only for permitted tasks. Four-wheeler vehicles must be accompanied by a driver and a maximum of two others.
  • Only one must go on a two-wheeler.
  • Industrial Estates in Urban Areas: Export-oriented industries run only in SEZs.
  • Emergency and essential commodity companies, including pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and their raw materials, operate.
  • Manufacturing units that require continuous production and supply are permitted for IT hardware manufacturing industries.
  • Staff shifts in the jute industries may continue with social distance.
  • The packaging material manufacturing industries are also permitted.
  • Activities are permitted in all industries in rural areas.
  • Construction activities in urban areas: Workers are allowed to work only when construction is underway. Workers from outside are not allowed to work.
  • The construction of renewable energy projects may continue.
  • All kinds of construction work is permitted in rural areas.
  • Malls, shopping complexes, and markets in urban areas (within municipalities and municipal corporations) are closed. However, shops and marketplaces that sell essential and essential items are permitted.
  • All the shops in the residential areas of the city can be opened alone.
  • All stores in rural areas except malls are open. Every two meters of social distance must be followed.
  • These e-commerce companies are only permitted to deliver emergency and essential items.
  • Private offices can work with a maximum of 33 percent of staff. The rest of the staff can be given the flexibility to work from home.
  • 100% attendance of the Deputy Secretary and above officers in Government offices. Of the remaining staff, a maximum of 33 percent goes to offices depending on need.
  • The emergency services departments work with full staff without any restrictions.
  • Agricultural work can be started. All health services, including the AYUSH branch, work.
  • The activities of companies affiliated with the Department of Finance will continue. Banks, non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), insurance, capital market operations, and co-operative societies all work.
  • Services like electricity, water, sanitation, phone, and internetwork. Also, courier and postal services continue.

In the Orange Zones

  • District and inter-district buses are not permitted.
  • In the taxis and cabs, the driver should not travel more than two.
  • They are allowed to travel from one district to another only for the sanctioned work. In the four-wheeler, only the driver and two others are permitted.

In the Green Zones

All types of activities in the Green Zones run, except for banned activities throughout the country.

Buses run in these areas. But only 50 percent of them should be travelers.

Freight trains roam. Cargo vehicles and trains are nowhere to be found.


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