How passwords are stored. The most basic, but also the least secure, password storage format is cleartext.

What is a hash password?

In Cryptography, a hash function is a mathematical algorithm that maps the data. Hashing is a one-way encryption. You cannot get the original text back from the hash.

once this password hash is generated and stored in the database, then you can not get it back to plain text.

Types of Secure hash:

Password security using MD5 Algorithm:

The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm is widely used in the Cryptography hash function. The hash value of MD5 is 128 bit (16 bytes). The basic video is to map data sets of the variable to data sets of a fixed length.






Password security using SHA Algorithm:

The SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) is used in Cryptographic hash functions. It is similar to MD5, but it generates a more strong hash.

There are 4 different types of SHA algorithm.

  1. SHA-1 (This is the easiest one, 160 bits hash)
  2. SHA-256 (This is Stronger than SHA-1, 256 bits hash)
  3. SHA-384 (This is Stronger than SHA-256, 384 bits hash)
  4. SHA-512 (This is Stronger then SHA-3, 512 bits hash)



1.SHA-1 Password123cbfdac6008f9cab4083784cbd1874f76618d2a97
2.SHA-256 Password123ef92b778bafe771e89245b89ecbc08a44a4e166c06659911881f383d4473e94f
3.SHA-384 Password123648357a04407e0a73fe201d9aad9bec165cbf63b6db4311b28f7e256b214a0725e45069c0162232d31412580255c461e
4.SHA-512 Password123bed4efa1d4fdbd954bd3705d6a2a78270ec9a52ecfbfb010c61862af5c76af1761ffeb1aef6aca1bf5d02b3781aa854fabd2b69c790de74e17ecfec3cb6ac4bf


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