It’s not always a bad thing to keep up with the latest trends-particularly in the software development world. Trends show where the market is going and where companies will be focused shortly for a software development company, like BairesDev.

Trends are crucial indicators of which skills software development companies should be searching for, from new technology approaches and consumer expectations to emerging technologies. Staying on top of the latest and best in the industry is a smart way for businesses to make their technology skills future-proof and ensure they keep up with the times.

Today’s Top App Development Trends The pace at which technology advances makes keeping updated with current trends even more relevant for software developers. Software is the foundation of the world of computers, after all.

Below are only a few of the most common technological developments that companies and engineering teams of all sizes should have on their radar: Artificial Intelligence While artificial intelligence has been used in the past as a buzzword or a vision for the future, modern technology has now become strong enough to make AI tools a reality.

Through machine learning and deep learning to broader AI systems implementations, many companies begin to rely on artificial intelligence daily regardless of their niche, sector, or scale.

Big data, algorithms, and other machine-powered AI tools that can draw new conclusions and automate processes are the future not only of software development but technology itself. Chatbots, for example, became a phenomenon on almost every modern website and app.

Across such cases, artificial intelligence has replaced members of human customer service and offers a more objective interpretation of customer behavior. AI helps to automatically render any job while retaining or even enhancing the precision, reliability, and overall speed.

Historically, application development has meant the selection of a single platform (such as iOS or Android) to get started. Then, the software developers may build another version for a different platform once the app is installed on the first platform. This took quite a bit of time and resource commitment to port the code between different operating systems.

New tools, including Google’s Flutter and Appcelerator Titanium, have become trends in the technology world as they make life simpler for developers by allowing applications to be written that function on almost any mobile and desktop platform. While similar tools have been available in the past, these new technologies build natively behaving apps while retaining efficiency and taking advantage of native APIs and interfaces.

Blockchain While talk of bitcoin and cryptocurrency has declined rapidly as a phenomenon, the blockchain technology behind it is becoming increasingly popular. Blockchain is traditionally used in the finance world but now extends to a variety of industries, including media and publishing, education, and banking. This technology assists in the process of securing and simplifying transaction tracking in a transparent ledger. It can store any form of record in a database that is safe from cybercriminals and hackers in the public eye.

The reliability and security of the tech have presented blockchain to become a significant player in the software development world. For example, distributed apps are a relatively recent development in blockchain-based tech apps. This pattern will be particularly helpful for software developers looking to create decentralized and stable open source solutions.

Internet of Things In recent years, the Internet of Things has exploded in popularity. From smart microwaves to motor vehicles, smartphones and laptops are certainly not the only gadgets that are nowadays connected to the Internet. With 5G wireless networks added, more and more users will be connected to the Internet. Since these devices are often always on and talking, the writing of energy-efficient code for these always-on devices is a big trend for software developers in the short future.

Low-Code Design The process of software development has traditionally included teams of computer science experts, devoted testers, and expert coders to create a product or solution in its entirety. That can make the process time-consuming and costly at times. Low-code development is a phenomenon that must be known to all software developers. This approach makes it easy to code programs instead of more complex programming languages, using graphical user interfaces.

For visual application construction, low-code development platforms also feature drag-and-drop interfaces rather than writing code for each piece or part of a project. It helps developers to completely imagine an application without getting lost in every detail of writing. Low-code development has recently become popular in business application development, as it allows for less time and money to create apps. It is also gradually finding its way into other sectors of industry.

Trends are constantly coming and going, but these trends in software development will only continue to expand in popularity and use cases across the industry and beyond


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