Rumors of new AirPods are getting faster and faster. While we previously heard that new Apple products were delayed, we have now heard new info about Apple’s new wireless headphones, which would go on to live as the AirPods Studio.

The tip comes from the relatively reliable Jon Prosser, but as always, nothing is official until Apple reveals it. Product plans can change quickly, especially now that we are still struggling with the coronavirus.

Prosser says the new AirPods Studio will cost $350 (probably around $ 400), putting it at the same price point as the current Beats Studio 3. Now that the AirPods have become a real icon, it’s no surprise that Apple is focusing more on audio.

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And what about the AirPods X? That was the name that was previously seen in rumors about Apple headphones. It seems that the AirPods X will be a sportier version of the normal AirPods and tend towards the design of the PowerBeats Pro.

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We’ve heard a lot about these over-ear headphones, although that info was sometimes contradictory. One of the main Apple analysts in the industry, Ming-Chi Kuo, any event that Apple said sometime this year a product in this category is marketing.

Earlier rumors had estimated the price at $399, so it seems that these headphones may still be a bit more affordable. However, it is not yet clear what the price of the AirPods Studio will be in other countries. Usually, the prices of Apple products in the Benelux are higher than in the US, so there is a chance that we may pay more than 400 euros for the headphones.

We’ve even seen icons potentially showing the AirPods Studio in iOS 14’s code. iOS 14 will be officially announced by Apple in June, so we may be introduced to the new headphones at the same time.

All this is separate from an update to the standard AirPods, which we now expect every day. It looks like 2020 is going to be a big year in Apple’s audio department, so set aside a few bucks.

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