In recent weeks, the necessary iPhone 12 rumors have surfaced, but the latest batch of famous leaker Max Weinbach offers new functions that also sound logical to the ears.

Via the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, Weinbach says that he is almost certain that the iPhone 12 Pro uses the same ‘Pro Motion’ display technology that is also used in the latest iPad Pro models.

In practice, this means that the new iPhone should provide a very smooth scrolling experience whether you are browsing the web or playing games on the device.

Considering this year’s iPhone 12 models all seem to support 5G, it’s no surprise that this feature combined with a 120Hz display has a significant impact on battery life.

To compensate for this, Apple places a hefty 4400 mAh of battery capacity in the iPhone 12 Pro, according to Weinbach. That is a significant upgrade from the 3969 mAh of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Upgrades For Face ID And Camera

Weinbach also reports that the new handset from Apple will have an improved version of Face ID. The new sensors allow users to unlock the device from a wider angle.

The rear camera setup is also being upgraded. This seems to confirm the earlier rumor of a LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanner. This scanner improves the autofocus and augmented reality capabilities, something we know from the iPad Pro 2020.

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According to Weinbach, the iPhone 12 Pro also gets a feature called Smart HDR, which should achieve better performance in low-light situations. In addition, there is a 3x optical zoom available, an upgrade compared to the 2x optical zoom with the iPhone 11 series.

Logical Improvements

The information that the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max models, said to be 6.1 and 6.7 inches tall, are reportedly getting an upgrade in Face ID, camera, screen, and battery life all fit into the narrative that Apple made subtle improvements year after year.

A better camera allows Apple to compete on top with the Android flagships. Longer and more powerful zooming features to keep up with the Huawei’s and Samsungs of this world, as well as portrait mode adjustments and better depth of field effects.

A better HDR mode makes for softer and less grainy night shots, but we also expect the new chipset to come with improvements to the photo algorithm.

The 120Hz functionality may not sound like a big upgrade to many, but anyone who has owned an OnePlus 8 Pro or Oppo Find X2 Pro knows that this feature is a day and night difference in flexibility. Thanks to the presumably smaller notch, you also have ‘more screen’ at your disposal.

Of course, none of this is set in stone. In the coming months, we expect more details about the iPhone 12, including prototypes that leak like in previous years. Despite all the problems in the world, launch in September still seems to be possible, according to production manufacturer Foxconn.

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